Merchant Accounts

How much are you really paying to accept credit and debit cards? Probably more than you should.

savings ahead for your businessMost of our clients had no idea that they were paying far more than they needed to process credit cards. Their merchant account statements are confusing and charges are hidden everywhere.

You could be losing thousands of dollars per year on merchant account processing and not even know it. Did you know you could cut your merchant processing costs by up to 25%?

87% of the credit card processing accounts we analyze are paying rates far higher than needed and additional fees that are not necessary. Our business solutions specialists will analyze your merchant account for free and then find you the best rates possible. We guarantee we will save you money and will pay you $500 if we can’t. There is no charge for this service.

Fast access to working capital – an additional benefit

Captiva Financial can provide you with a merchant account that also gives you immediate access to cash advances when you need working capital for your business. Our capital advance programs offer huge advantages with no collateral or personal guarantees required. Learn more now…

Its time to start cutting unnecessary costs and maximizing your profits from your credit and debit card sales. Complete our simple form to get your free merchant account consultation. We’ll get back to you with the provider that best meets your industry, location, and needs.

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